Priority Check-in & CIP Lounge in Prishtina and Skopje | Air Prishtina
Priority Check-in & CIP Lounge in Prishtina and Skopje

Despite low prices: Enjoy comfort right up to the last minute with our Priority Check-in & CIP Lounge Service.

Priority check-in & baggage check-in

They are treated preferentially. You check in without waiting at the special check-in desk.

Access to the CIP Lounge

In a pleasant atmosphere, with a high degree of flexibility and privacy, the Business & CIP Lounge is separate from the ordinary rooms and offers free internet, daily newspapers and magazines.

Refreshments and various snacks are available throughout the waiting period until the scheduled time of boarding.

In addition, a CIP employee is available if you wish to shop at Duty-Free.

Co-booked toddlers under the age of two enjoy this service free of charge.

Add Priority Check-in & Lounge access to your Air Prishtina flight booking.