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Air Prishtina Card Discount program


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Air Prishtina AG ("Air Prishtina") in Zurich is the operator and publisher of "Air Prishtina Card".

For the discount purchase, the redemption of discount credits and general implementation are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Participation is open to natural and legal persons.

  2. Participation begins upon application and issuance of an Air Prishtina Card. Only one account may be opened per person. There is no legal claim to participation. Air Prishtina may refuse admission to participate in the Air Prishtina Card Bonus Program without stating reasons.

  3. The discount program of the Air Prishtina Card is based on a discount calculation. For each actual section of a fully paid scheduled or charter flight, which is booked on this website at the currently published ticket price, the participant will be credited 5% discount. The amount of each discount credit depends on the published ticket prices. The discount calculation excludes Discovery travel (package tours to Kosovo and Macedonia), airport taxes and other fees. The generated discount can be deducted from the ticket price for the next bookings.

  4. With 24 actual legs of a fully paid flight per calendar year, the entitlement to the status "Black Card" is established. The advantages of this category are shown on this website. The Black Card is valid for at least one calendar year. The current status qualification system is implemented. If the number of required flights (24 per calendar year) is not reached in the new calendar year, the lower status is reactivated. If the number of required flights (24 per calendar year) is not reached in the new calendar year, the lower status is reactivated.

  5. Discounts from other programs can not be credited in Air Prishtina discount program.

  6. The generated discounts are not transferable. A conversion into cash is not permitted.

  7. The generated discounts will only be credited to the participant if an Air Prishtina Card eligible for collection is presented or the customer number is transmitted by telephone in the contact center. A retrospective crediting of discounts on already made flight bookings is excluded. 

  8. The current status of the discount credit can be found online or in the contact center.

  9. The sale of the Air Prishtina Card, the exchange, offering for auction to third parties is prohibited. In the case of abuse attributed to the participant, Air Prishtina reserves the right to block or collect the Air Prishtina Card or to refuse the redemption.

  10. If the discount credit balance is not redeemed within 24 months from the date of the respective flight for another flight booking, it expires at the end of the next quarter. 

  11. Air Prishtina reserves the right to discontinue the Air Prishtina Card discount program at any time or to replace it with another program. The amount of discount (expressed as a percentage) may be changed by Air Prishtina at any time.

  12. The personal data associated with the participation will be processed and used for the purpose of implementing the program.

  13. The contract is subject exclusively to Swiss law. Jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.

  14. Should one or more provisions of this contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

These conditions are from 13.11.2017. If you have any problems understanding this information, please contact the Air Prishtina AG Contact Center at +41 44 221 19 17.