Travelling with your pets | Air Prishtina
Travelling with your pets

Your pet is welcome to fly with you. Unfortunately, we can only transport a certain number of animals like dogs, cats and turtles.

Please note:

  • You must always present all necessary documents for entry and exit (valid animal passport, vaccination and health certificates) of your animal.

  • You must notify us at least 72 hours before departure.  Animals in the cabin (max 6 kg).

You can take with you small dogs and cats up to max. 6 kg (including transport box) into the cabin. The transport box must be stowed under your front seat throughout the flight and the animal must always remain in the box. The size of the transport box may not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

This service will incur a service charge of CHF 90 per route as set by the airline.

Transportation in the cargo hold (over 6 kg)

Animals heavier than 6 kg, including their transport box, must be carried in the hold. Your pet must be in a leak-proof and escape-proof transport box where it can stand and lie normally. The box must be fitted with a water/feed container that can be filled from the outside. The containers must not be filled during the flight.

For the transportation of your pet in the cargo hold you will be charged CHF 140 up to 20kg and CHF 170 from 20 kg per route.

Unfortunately, transporting animals in the cargo hold is not possible on all routes.

Special regulations

Special regulations apply for the transportation of animals. Please inform yourself in advance about conditions and restrictions related to the import and export of animals. You are solely responsible for compliance with the conditions and liable for all damage and consequential damage caused by your pet or its transport.

The transport of animals is subject to the international IATA Live Animal Regulations.

Entry requirements of pets

The EU Regulation 998/2003 for pets is applied since 1 October 2004. This regulation serves to avoid rabies.

Please inform yourself before your trip about the entry requirements of pets. Read the EU Regulation before booking, or check with your veterinarian, veterinary office or border inspection post.