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Air Prishtina AG is a tour operator. The transportation contract between the passenger and Air Prishtina AG is subject to applicable laws and the terms and conditions shown here. The liability of airlines is subject to the Montreal/Warsaw Convention or the EC Regulation 261/2004 and 2027/97 and is only applicable to flights between the EU and a country outside the EU.

1. Booking terms

1.1 At Air Prishtina AG the booking can be made online ( or via the Contact Center. Upon all bookings made via the Contact Center of Air Prishtina AG, the passenger receives a booking code per E-Mail, SMS or via phone depending on the type of reservation. The confirmation contains the booking number, the name of the passenger, flight information and remarks.

1.2 Air Prishtina AG considers the booking as accepted at the time the passenger receives the booking confirmation per E-Mail, SMS or Social Media Apps (WhatsApp etc.). In the event of sales via phone through the Contact Center, the declaration of acceptance can be done formlessly or through concluded behavior (the vocal transmission of the booking code).

1.3 The passenger is obliged to verify the correctness of the transmitted reservation data and, if necessary, immediately point out any incorrectness, discrepancy or lack of delivery. Delayed reference to incorrectness or discrepancy does not give rise to a withdrawal of the contract.

1.4 The services and the ticket fare confirmed at the time of reservation are final and binding. The ticket fares on our website ( are subject to ongoing adjustments and can fluctuate up and downwards. Special and discounted offers are subject to alteration.

1.5 The transportation will be granted only upon presentation of complete and valid travel documents (Passport, ID card, confirmation codes, visa etc.). The passenger himself is responsible for adherence to the rules and regulations that govern his journey. Refund claims that come as a result of denied boarding due to non-compliance with the entry and exit regulations are not accepted.

1.6 If the passenger is denied entry into a certain country, he/she will bear all expenses incurred for his return from that country. The ticket fare to the point where entry was denied will not be refunded to the passenger.

1.7 Reservations must be made under the name of the passenger who intends to fly. If this is not the case, the carriage cannot be provided to that passenger. In such cases, the ticket is non-refundable.

1.8 Generally, children younger than 15 years will be carried only if accompanied by an adult guardian. Air Prishtina AG must be notified of unaccompanied minors at least 48 hours before departure, otherwise, the transportation is not guaranteed. In these cases, supervision services must be booked with the airline and handling agents. It should be noted that, in some countries, children under the age of 18 must present a completed authorization form from their guardians in order to leave their home country. Passengers are responsible for compliance with these requirements. Noncompliance is in breach of travel regulations, which will lead to the passenger being excluded from reimbursement if the airline cannot accommodate them.

1.9 Transportation of small children (up to 2 years) must be registered. The determining factor is the child's age at the time of the flight. When booking round-trip flights, it depends upon the age when the returning flight departs.

1.10 The transport of persons with disabilities, pregnant women, sick persons in need of special assistance is subject to compliance with certain rules of carriage determined by the operating airline.

1.11 Carriage of animals is only possible with the express consent of the operating airline. Registration must be made at least 48 hours before departure.

2. Payment Methods

The flights booked with Air Prishtina AG can be paid by electronic wallet PayPal, by credit card accepted by Air Prishtina AG, by bank transfer or by invoice. Cash payments are possible in the acceptance points in Germany, in bob pay branches in Switzerland and Capital Ria acceptance points in Kosovo. Air Prishtina reserves the right to obtain credit checks on the customer. Air Prishtina AG may exclude individual means of payment in general or for individual customers without further justification. By choosing a particular payment method, the conditions applicable to the respective payment method are accepted at the same time.

2.1 PayPal

With the electronic wallet PayPal bookings can be paid online. This requires a PayPal account. PayPal registration is free. If the payment method "PayPal" is selected on, you will be forwarded directly to the PayPal site. After the confirmation of the payment, the amount will be charged immediately.

2.2 Credit Card

It is the passenger's responsibility to notify Air Prishtina AG of a valid and not false, incomplete or otherwise manipulated credit card. If this does not happen, Air Prishtina AG can not guarantee the price or the booking as such. Air Prishtina AG has the right in these cases to commission a collection agency to collect debts. In the event of insolvency or unwillingness to pay, the default will be reported to the relevant companies or offices (SCHUFA, debt collection agency, etc.).

2.3 Bank transfer

Non-payment or late payment by bank transfer entitles Air Prishtina AG to refuse all services to be provided, in particular, the carriage of the passenger. Air Prishtina AG has the right in these cases to commission a collection agency to collect debts. In the event of insolvency or unwillingness to pay, the default will be reported to the relevant companies or offices (SCHUFA, debt collection agency, etc.).

2.4 is a payment method with which online or in the contact center of Air Prishtina AG made bookings can be paid in cash. No personal data of the passenger is necessary for this payment process. At the end of the booking procedure, Air Prishtina AG will provide the passenger with an individual barcode (by e-mail or SMS) that the passenger can present to cashiers at points of acceptance ( k kiosks, shops, petrol station shops, etc.).

A non-payment or non-timely payment by entitles Air Prishtina AG to refuse all services to be provided, in particular, the carriage of the passenger.

2.5 bob pay and Capital Ria

bob pay or Capital Ria is a form of payment online or in the Contact Center of Air Prishtina AG made bookings with cash or card (credit cards, Maestro, etc.) in Switzerland in one of the approximately 1100 k kiosk, avec or Press & Books Shops or in Kosovo and Macedonia. At the end of the booking process, Air Prishtina AG will send the passenger an individual barcode (by e-mail or SMS), which the passenger can submit and pay at bob pay branches or Capital Ria points of acceptance.

A non-payment or non-timely payment via bob pay or Capital Ria entitles Air Prishtina AG to refuse all services to be provided, in particular, the carriage of the passenger.

2.6 Purchase on account with installment payment (only in Switzerland) – bob easy.

2.6.1 The payment method purchase on account with installment payments bob easy is offered exclusively in Switzerland, from a total invoice amount of at least CHF 500 and up to a maximum of CHF 3000. The specified billing address must correspond to the registration address for this payment method. Changes to the reservation and the associated additional costs (rebooking costs, tariff changes etc.) are not credited to the payment method purchase on the account and must be paid separately using another payment method.

2.6.2 When purchasing by invoice, the invoice amount is due for payment on the calendar day specified in the invoice on the account specified in the invoice. The invoice amount can be split up to a maximum of three installments. The installments are not automatically deducted from a bank account. In an installment can also be incurred a transaction fee. The method of purchase on account requires, among other things, a successful credit check by bob finance AG, possibly as a service provider of a factor working with bob finance AG. The result of this check only affects the method of payment, not the booking itself. Air Prishtina AG reserves the right not to accept the form of payment on account for certain bookings and instead to refer to other payment methods such as payment by credit card or bank transfer.

2.6.3 The payment method purchase on account requires the consent for the transmission of the data required for the processing of the payment and an identity and credit check (first and last name, address, date of birth, telephone number) to bob finance and possibly one with bob finance working together factor ahead. The use of this data is only for the payment method of purchase on account.

2.6.4 Failure to comply with the payment obligation will result in default without further reminders. In this case, default interest in the amount of 5% shall be due, which comply with the current guidelines of bob finance. The dunning procedure is carried out by bob finance, possibly on behalf of the factor working with bob finance, whereby they are entitled to a reminder fee of up to CHF 50 per payment reminder and other fees, in particular, the costs for a possible debt collection procedure or an attorney in charge of recovery. The assertion of further rights and claims remains unaffected. The general terms and conditions of bob finance apply.

2.6.5 A non-payment or late payment via bob pay entitles Air Prishtina AG to refuse all services to be provided, in particular, the carriage of the passenger, and to refuse future contracts.

2.7 Fees
Free payment methods are offered on The availability depends on the place of departure or place of residence of the passenger. For payments with a credit card,, bob pay, and Capital Ria no fee will be charged. With the payment method purchase on account, a one-time fee of CHF 20,- per Booking will be charged. 

3. Flight changes, name changes and cancellations

3.1 Booking changes can be made up to 48 hours before departure for a service fee of EUR 45.- or CHF 50.- per passenger, subject to availability of seats at the respective tariff. Additional charges can occur in case of a difference in fares. In case of rebooking into a lower fare, the original fare will apply.

3.2 Passenger name changes can be made up to 48 hours before a scheduled departure for a service fee of EUR 45.- or CHF 50.- per passenger. The resulting additional costs are determined according to the applicable fare for the route in question at the time of the change. If the applicable fare for the route in question is higher at the time of the name change than at the time of the original booking, the difference is payable by the customer. However, should the fare applicable at the time of the change be lower, the difference will not be refunded.

3.3 The passenger is obliged to take up both the outward and return flight. A refund of the fare for the non-scheduled outward flight is excluded. This also applies to the non-arrival of the return flight.

3.4 The passenger has the right to withdraw from the trip at any time before flight commencement (cancellation). The time of receiving the booking cancellation by Air Prishtina is crucial. An explanatory statement by registered mail is recommended. A refund after departure is not permitted.

The cancellation charges are calculated as follows:

until 21 days prior to departure 50% of the ticket price,

from the 20th day until 7 days prior to departure 75% of the ticket price, 

form 6 days until 0 hours prior to departure 100% of the ticket price.

Flight prices include fares, taxes, and fees. Additional Options fees (such as Flex Option, Helvetic-Assistance, Early booking protection, Punctuality guarantee, Seat Reservation, etc.) are non-refundable, regardless of the time, the booking was canceled.

Partial or full refund of the ticket price will be made exclusively in form of a value voucher on the Air Prishtina – client account.

The passenger is recommended to obtain insurance cover.

3.5 The charges and fees imposed by Air Prishtina AG are subject to change at any time. This concerns charges for booking via phone, payment by credit card, cancellation fee, rebooking fee or other charges or fees. The charges and fees can be reduced, increased or even waived.

4. Additional Options

4.1 Passengers have the option - if they are technically representable by the performing airlines - to reserve a certain standard seat or an XL seat for a fee (CHF 2 - CHF 30 or EUR 2 - EUR 30) per passenger and flight route. However, the operating airline reserves the right to reconfigure the reserved seats if required for safety reasons, etc. In these cases, Air Prishtina AG will reimburse the passenger for the paid fee. The seats at the emergency exits may only be used by passengers who have reached the age of 16. In addition, they must be in good physical and mental condition and have a good knowledge of the German or English language. Passengers traveling with pets are also not allowed to sit at the emergency exit. The cabin crew will ask passengers at the emergency exit to help in the event of an emergency. The staff at the check-in counters and the cabin crew have the right to relocate passengers who do not meet these requirements. The fees paid are non-refundable in the event of a flight cancellation or flight transfer made by the passenger

4.2 For a non-refundable fee of EUR 15 or CHF 18 per flight, a one-time flight change and a one-time change of Passengers is possible free of charge until 48 hours before departure. A change of passenger is only allowed before the outbound flight. The additional option "Flex Option" can only be booked during the booking process if this happens at least 48 hours before the planned departure. In addition, other costs for each tariff change can occur.

If the current fare at the time of the change of Passengers for that route is higher than at the time of the original booking, the difference has to be paid. The reimbursement of any deduction is excluded.

4.3 Adding the additional option the "Cancellation Cover" against a non-refundable fee (amounting to 15% of the ticket gross price) entitles the Passenger to withdraw from the flight without compensation for cancellation at least 48 hours before departure. The full refund of the fare (does not include the price for the additional option "Cancellation Cover") is done exclusively in the form of a credit to the Air Prishtina - client account.

4.4  By adding the additional option "Punctuality Guarantee" for a non-refundable fee of CHF 7 or EUR 7, the Passenger is entitled to compensation of CHF 70 or EUR 70 if he/she is delayed by more than 60 minutes due to technical or operational delay, in the form of a credit to the Air Prishtina - client account. Events of force majeure - such as natural disasters, riots, strikes, bad weather conditions, and other unforeseeable extraordinary circumstances - do not entitle to receive the voucher credits. Operational time changes and cancellations up to 48h before departure are reserved and do not give any right to compensation. The delay is based on the arrival time stated on the ticket. The compensation claims are to be requested within 14 days after the travel date via The online vouchers are valid for 12 months and must be redeemed when booking a flight via The compensation is per booking, not per booked person.

4.5 The Air Prishtina AG fees for additional options can be changed at any time. These fees can be reduced, increased or even removed at any time.

5. Handling and delays

5.1 Travel documents and booking confirmation must be available at check-in.

5.2 Passengers should arrive at least 2 hours before departure at the airport check-in.

5.3 In case of late arrival, Air Prishtina AG reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

6. Luggage

Luggage conditions vary by airline. Conditions of relevant carriers apply. The regulations for hand luggage and the current safety regulations apply.

7. Personal information

The passenger allow Air Prishtina AG to collect, store and use his personal data (name, address, telephone number, email address) for purposes of reservation, fare payment, provision of data for the airlines, and to submit the data at offices of Air Prishtina AG to authorized representatives, credit card and bank card issuing institutes, trusted third parties and partners, government agencies and subsequent carriers.

8. Credit check

In order to offer you the best possible options for the choice of payment method, we must protect you and us against misuse. Therefore, we transmit the personal data required for a credit check (first and last name, address data) to a credit agency. CRIF AG makes an appropriate assessment based on mathematical and statistical procedures. The calculation of the probability value also includes your address data. We use the information we receive about the statistical probability of a default for a balanced decision on the payment options you wish to receive.

If you do not agree with the payment method (s) offered to you on the basis of this automated procedure, you can inform us by writing a letter or by email too. Then we will consider the decision, taking into account its position.

You can object the transmission of your data to CRIF AG at any time. A textual message (e-mail, fax, and letter) is sufficient. However, we note that in this case, account purchase is no longer available as a payment method.

9. Liability for damages

The liability for passenger, baggage and cargo damage and damage due to delay, denied boarding and cancellation is governed by the provisions of the relevant carriers or the applicable law. Every complaint should be addressed to the operating airline in written form. The possible inclusion of a damage report at the airport or at Air Prishtina AG does not replace the timely written notice to the relevant carrier.

10. Flights

The passenger will be carried on a schedule or charter flights operated by Swiss or other foreign airlines. The published flight schedule, the operating airline and/or the operating aircraft can be subject to short-term changes.

11. Complaints

Any complaint should be addressed immediately to the Service Center of Air Prishtina AG: or

12. Use of the website

Information, products and services accessible on this website cannot be changed or used for derived works.

13. Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

The use of the website and the herein offered services by Air Prishtina are subject to these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). By using this website you agree to these GTC without reservation, otherwise, the usage by you of this website and of the services offered by is not permitted.

14. Additional agreements

Additional agreements, extensions, modifications or other assurances to this contract are only applicable if confirmed in writing.

15. Applicable Law

The contract is subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.
The German version of these General Terms and Conditions take priority over its translated versions.

16. Severability clause

If one or more terms of this agreement are or become ineffective, the validity of other terms should not be affected.

17. Validity

These terms and conditions are valid as of 04.07.2020.
If you face difficulties in understanding this information, ask for help from the Service Center of Air Prishtina AG.