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Welcome to Air Prishtina. The bridge to the homeland

Through our growing network, we are developing into the gateway to Europe and the world for more and more people in Kosovo and Macedonia. With regular lines from Pristina and Skopje to many European Metropoles and also with individual scheduled flights, Air Prishtina opens up to its customers the world of traveling.

Air Prishtina. For quality and reliability

Our goal is to remain the leading air travel provider in Kosovo and Macedonia, as well as to reinforce and expand this position further, despite strong competition. Our main intention is to satisfy our customers' demands by paying attention to the quality of service. By carefully selecting our partners we make sure that in all price categories we offer a high quality standard and strengthen our independence as an independent enterprise with strong regional roots. Safe and serious flight development, high sensitivity of prices as well as competent and friendly personnel are the basis of our continued success and our leading position in the market. To guarantee our high quality, reliability and safety, we cooperate with various and well-known airline companies. Thanks to these intensive partnerships and in most of our many years of experience, we have been able to create a network of destinations for direct flights for our customers to many destinations in Europe.

Air Prishtina combines efficient, high-quality organization in counseling, support and completion. Our collaborators with their knowledge in many languages ​​are specialized in flights to the most important destinations in Europe, Kosovo and Macedonia. They are your contact persons for all your questions. Whether it is a family visit, a business trip or simply a holiday, we will advise you competently and in a comprehensive manner like no other.

We are in the process with the latest technology that your journey from planning to reservation and finally to landing is as pleasant as possible. This applies to the communication and the comprehensive services. This includes, for example, a 24-hour contact center, a professional online booking system, web check-in and seat reservation. In order to offer this, we use the newest technologies available, but we also continuously create new and innovative choices. We sincerely thank all our customers for their trust in us. We thank the increasing number of regular customers for recommending our flights. Your loyalty to our company, which lives on the pioneering spirit of company founder Bexhet Salahi, we consider it as a special appreciation.


Leyla Ibrahimi-Salahi
Chairwoman and CEO



Since 1981 we have reliably bridged the gap between home and family. At the beginning as Reisebüro Prishtina, and since January 1, 2005 as Air Prishtina headquartered in Zurich. Today Air Prishtina is one of the leading providers with affordable and high-quality flight prices for Kosovo and Macedonia. From Switzerland as well as from an increasing number of cities in Europe we offer regular scheduled flights back home.

1981 - 1982: Company Foundation and First Successes.

Today's Air Prishtina was founded in 1981 as Reisebüro Prishtina (RBP) by Bexhet Salahi. His vision was to provide Kosovars living in Europe with affordable, safe and reliable flights to their relatives in Kosovo and the surrounding area. Since the first year of its establishment Reisebüro Pristina organized its first flight to Pristina. The biggest challenge that was presented at that time was converting the then existing military airport into a civilian airport. So, Bexhet Salahi initiated a new era of air transport for travelers and created the foundation for further development of the Enterprise. It is his merit and based on his visionary commitment Pristina Airport is today the most frequented airport in the Balkan region.

1983 - 1992: The first years of expansion.

Back in 1983, Bexhet Salahi initiated the expansion of his company with the first offices in Kosovo and Macedonia. Shortly thereafter, the locations Basel, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne and other cities were added.

1993-2004: The step towards Germany and Austria

In 1993, Bexhet Salahi opened the first office in Germany and in the same year pioneered the first flights from Düsseldorf and Stuttgart to Prishtina. With another new location in Vienna, Reisebüro Pristina was present in 15 Western European cities and also in the largest cities of Kosovo and Macedonia. Bexhet Salahi initiated strategic partnerships with travel agencies and well-known European airlines in order to achieve high quality in the handling and execution of travel and secure it in a long term.

2005-today: Expansion of market leadership as Air Prishtina

On 1 January 2005, Air Prishtina AG was founded in Switzerland and all previous companies and activities were bundled under this brand. Due to its clear positioning towards its customers and the innovative leadership of Air Prishtina, the company expanded and strengthened its leading position in the air travel segment for Kosovo and Macedonia.

The following years were marked with expanded investments in modern technologies, in increasing the efficiency and objective selection of quality partners. This commitment was significant in strengthening Air Prishtina's market position and increasing customer satisfaction. This strategy is still the foundation today to ensure the long-term success and consistency of the company in an increasingly competitive environment.

With his death on 7 November 2005 Bexhet Salahi left a gap that was difficult to close. His charity and his social attitude will remain unforgettable. He was a pioneer and the Air Prishtina keeps his dream alive with the foundation "Bexhet Salahi": improving the quality of life of the Albanian population.

Company image. We stand for this:

From the very beginning, as a co-founder of Reisebüro Prishtina, his wife Feride Salahi stand by him. She was his partner and support in all decisions and undertakings. Until her death on June 6, 2011, she was a member of the board of directors of Air Prishtina AG and accompanied the company with personal dedication. She will remain unforgettable for us. With great commitment and competence, Leyla Ibrahimi-Salahi, the daughter of Bexhet and Feride Salahi, has led the company since 2005 professionally and in the spirit of the founders on a successful course.

Man is the focus.

At Air Prishtina people are at the center of attention. You as our customers can count on our reliability, security and correctness. Our main goal is to bring you safely and pleasantly to your destination and back again. Your wishes and concerns are always taken seriously by us.

The establishment of Air Prishtina is formed by employees. Considering everyone's abilities, we create space for individual creativity and in this way we promote motivation at work. Our actions are based on ethical principles and we are aware of our social responsibility. Air Prishtina provides safe jobs, good working conditions and with our "Bexhet Salahi" foundation we are committed to humanity for human beings.

Quality and innovation - today and in the future

Air Prishtina always ensures a high level quality of travel and services. We owe this to our loyal customers and partners as well as to our employees. We place high demands on our professionalism and commitment, and strive to continuously improve our services. This also includes the development of customer oriented technologies and product innovations. We are heading towards the future and we are struggling every day, what is already good to do even better in the future. We are well aware that progress, rational organizational structures, expansion and innovation are the key to our success and existence.

Maintaining optimal partnerships

In flight operations, the careful selection of partners is the top priority, because only then can we ensure our core principles such as reliability and safety. With our partners, we strive for a long-term partnership. Respect, trust and the way of thinking towards the future are the main pillars of a successful collaboration.

Social and economic security

We use our human and financial resources with care and prudence. The funds will be invested in trust to the best of our knowledge and belief with the aim of securing the long-term future of our company.