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Where time seems to stand still: Radavc - Monastery in Decan - Junik - Gjakove.

If you do not venture out to the "Burimi i Drinit", you will not fully experience the beauty of Kosovo. The springs of the Drin River and in particular its many waterfalls make the village Radavc impressively a wild natural spectacle.

In the World Heritage Monastery in Decan, it is wonderful to immerse yourself in the mystical world of Christian Orthodoxy.

Traditionally, the village of Junik is unique: The many Kulla, large stone houses, some of which are over 500 years old, are part of the architectural heritage of Europe.

A day in the footsteps of bygone days with the grand finale in Gjakove. One of the most historic cities in the country, home to the largest bazaar in Kosovo and known for its traditional music and vibrant nightlife: a hidden treasure for those who love authentic experiences.